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Your Path to Healing, Growth, and Balance

We offer an effective and powerful methods to prioritizing your mental health.

With the Right Help, Great Things Can Happen

With professional assistance and targeted interventions, mental disorders can be successfully managed or even entirely overcome. One's potential for growth, development, and happiness should not be hindered by mental health struggles.

THERAPY everywhere you are.

At The Rose Center,  we work with various insurance providers to help ensure that you receive the therapy you need without worrying about financial burden. 


In addition to in-person sessions, we offer teletherapy options for those with mobility challenges, scheduling conflicts, or who prefer to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home. 


Whether in person or through a screen, we are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate, personalized therapy for all our clients. We will walk alongside you, offering guidance and support on your journey to well-being.


Please get in touch with us to learn more about the insurance we accept or to schedule a therapy session.


The Rose Center Difference

Our therapeutic approach primarily revolves around cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to assist individuals in challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and developing personal coping strategies to solve current problems.

Our Services Include:



This service includes treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy, interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, etc. 


Addiction and Substance Abuse 

These services provide support for individuals struggling with substance use disorders.


Mindfulness and Meditation

A therapeutic approach to help individuals stay present and reduce anxiety or depressive symptoms. 


Crisis Services

These provide immediate support and treatment for individuals in a crisis situation such as a suicidal or homicidal event, severe psychiatric episodes, or severe traumatic event.


Children and Youth Mental Health

These are specialized services to support children ages 12+  with mental health disorders.


Community Outreach 

Initiatives that raise awareness about mental health, provide resources, and promote community engagement.


Mental Health Rehabilitation

This involves therapies that help individuals regain life skills such as communication, self-care, work efficiency, etc. lost due to mental health conditions.


Case Management

A coordinated approach to delivering mental health care which involves a dedicated case manager overseeing an individual's treatment plan.


Corporate Mental Health

"Work Balance" is a counseling and therapy service designed specifically for corporations looking to prioritize their employees


Counseling Services

These help individuals cope with everyday life problems such as relationship difficulties, work stress, etc.


Peer Support

A type of assistance provided by a person who has lived experience in coping with mental health disorders.

About Our Founder

Hi! my name is Trina Rose Frazier

Trina Rose Frazier, a licensed therapist, has devoted her professional life to supporting and advocating for mental health. With a deep understanding of psychological principles and mental health care's challenges and benefits, Trina utilizes an integrated, patient-centered approach to mental wellness.

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