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Creative Grounding

Grounding can be very helpful with managing physical symptoms of anxiety. My favorite is walking barefoot in grass. I've had clients ask questions like, "What if I don't have access to grass? It's night time? I have my kiddos?" I then suggest that they rub their barefoot against carpet in their homes if available. As you may have guessed, some clients advised that they did not have carpet. SO WHAT'S THE ALTERNATIVE??? I have suggested that clients purchase a small mat I like to call " my grounding mat." You can purchase them for a fairly decent price or even go to local home stores to the carpet area and purchase a small square (your preference). It helps to have something textured such as the one pictured here. Gliding your barefoot across the texture can provide similar grounding affects as the grass method. Wiggle your toes if you want. Know that repetition can be soothing to us. Ever wonder why rocking babies calms them? The size makes them portable which I think is a plus. Try it out! Share it with a friend! 😊💛

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